MCM London (26th-28th May)

So this May I took Tom to his first EVER Comic con which I think he enjoyed a lot!

From getting the train, to riding in a cable car to nearly getting kicked out of a premier inn we invite you to our life…

SO… on the Friday we got on the train from Battle to London Charing Cross. A place I thought I knew. I was wrong…so very wrong. However London is TERRIFYING. How is there so many people in one sodding place! Regardless we got to Five Guys (Tourist) and after spending £30 odd quid (FUCKING HELL) we got 2 tubes and a cable car to the Excel. London Docklands at night is beautiful! Its so lovely! The sun was setting and it was just a magical moment (apart from the two old couples glaring at us in the same car because we are young and breath)

So we walked to the Premier inn. In awe of the beauty that was the docks at night. Ready for the day of Geek the next day!…

Saturday came…and fuck me. it. was. AMAZING. I can’t put into words how incredible it feels to be at a convention surrounded by people who love the same things that you do. You just feel a sense of safety, compassion and just incredible that you are part of this society that people like to forget about.

When we got into the venue after a vivid security session we got in and my first thought is that I HAVE to find Tomska. We have loved this guy for years and the idea that ‘he is here somewhere’ filled me with excitement and dread at the same time. Will he like me, is he going to be the same that I think he is. WHAT DO I SAY. Honestly on this Saturday it took me 6 attempts to queue to meet him and when I did I didn’t say ANYTHING. Luckily Tom is a lot better than me at important people that I look up to so he spoke and then we got our first selfie with my hero of the weekend.


Throughout this day we did so much Glitter Tattoos were a favourite! Here are some pictures of what we did on the first day!

A night of fun and wondering aimlessly and it was suddenly Sunday! We met so many famous people and I spoke to Tomska that day, I hugged him and generally acted like a 19 year old! Either way I will post the pictures of the whole weekend and thank MCM, Tomska and everyone who we met for an amazing weekend. See you in October!

Love the Cynical Duo xxxxx